Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Open Source Ether-IR project, 1st Milestone

I'm currently working on an Open Source project that is essentially a low cost Ethernet based learning remote. The idea is to put this thing in a closet or somewhere tucked away with all your Audio/Video equipment, and allow the use of any Ethernet capable device to control your TV, DVD player, cable box, etc. I'm hoping to get a slick iPhone interface made up so you can use a Wi-Fi enabled phone as a remote. I got Microchip's Ethernet stack up and running and last night I was able to record and broadcast the volume up signal from my TV remote, so now I can crank up the volume from my laptop (at least until I power off and the memory is erased – still haven't implemented EEPROM saving yet). As the saying goes, 90% there, 90% left to go.

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